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Shake Shack "Protein Style" Burger

"Protein Style" Burger | Shake Shack Secret Menu

Shake Shack

Shake Shack "Protein Style" Burger

Now let's get this straight. In-N-Out has trademarked the term "PROTEIN". So, we can't really call this a Protein Style Burger. Another thing is that Shake Shack doesn't assemble this burger for you, at least not in the way that you would expect a bunless burger to be if you frequent In-N-Out and get the In-N-Out Protein Style Burger. The kind of burger that you get from Shake Shack is something that is better eaten with a knife and fork than something that is wrapped in lettuce and eaten with your hands.

So, we wouldn't go as far as recommending this bunless burger unless you are on a gluten-free diet. And it's hard to get over the fact that this is not really a burger that can be eaten with your hands alone. Besides, if you are not allergic to gluten, then you shouldn't want to miss out on their amazing potato buns. So, contrary to what others may say about this being a good secret menu item, we recommend that you steer clear of this secret until they learn to make it the right way.

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How to Order

Ask for your burger without the bun. It's a gluten free option, but not the best option.

What’s The Secret?

Their burgers served without the bun.

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