Whatahash Veggie Sandwich
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A Whataburger Secret Menu Hack

Are you a vegetarian or somehow not in the mood for a hamburger but already at Whataburger? If you said yes to either of those equally likely scenarios, the Whatahash Veggie Sandwich, where the burger patty is replaced with hash browns, is right up your alley. But, if you just came here for the tantalizing idea of a crisp hashbrown thrown on your burger, you best check out the Whatahash Burger from the Whataburger Secret Menu. Back to the vegetarian options though, you can even put hash browns into the Whatahash Grilled Cheese. And the best of the vegetarian options? Well, that's to you. But don't count out the vegetarian option of replacing the burger patty with some hash browns. The crispy potatoes will throw your taste buds for a wild ride, an experience that you've probably never had before!

What Is The Whatahash Veggie Sandwich Secret?

Replace the hamburger patty with Hash Browns.

How Do I Order The Whatahash Veggie Sandwich?

Ask to replace the burger patty on your favorite Whataburger with their Hash Browns.

Where Can I Order The Whatahash Veggie Sandwich?

The Whatahash Veggie Sandwich is available in: Between 11pm and 11am (Most Locations) and all day at others

*Not all items shown are available or authorized at every restaurant. Price and participation may vary.

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