Applebee's Lunch Combos Prices
Applebee's Menu Prices

The Applebee's Lunch Combos menu allows you to create a lunch tailored to your own unique personality. You choose two items from either the lunch combo classic menu, the lunch combo signature menu, or pick an items from each of these lists on the Applebee's Lunch Combo Menu. The price of your lunch will vary depending upon your choice of classic or signature dishes from the lunch combo menu at Applebee's. Your two choices can include soups, salads, sandwiches or lunch sized entrées - just make sure you place your order at Applebee's before 4PM on Monday through Friday if you'd like to try their lunch combos. If you arrive later than 4PM, consider their 2 for $20 menu with plenty of options for dinner that 2 of you can share.

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Applebee's Lunch Combos Prices

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