Applebee's Kids' Menu Prices
Applebee's Menu Prices

The Applebee's Kids Menu is a must read if you've brought the kids along for dinner. The Applebee's kids menu prices are designed to give your child plenty of choice and plenty of nutrition. The Applebee's kids menu prices include a main dish choice, a side dish choice and a beverage choice - all inclusive! The main dish choices on the Applebee's kids menu include the usual corn dog, chicken tenders and hamburgers but it also includes some not so common items like mac and cheese, fried shrimp or chicken quesadillas. Side dish items on the kids menu include carrots, broccoli, apples and yogurt. Beverage choices on the Applebee's kids menu include not only sodas, but also juice and milk choices. The kids menu at Applebee's also features cute pictures to amuse the kids so that they might not even realize that they just ordered milk and broccoli!

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Applebee's Kids' Menu Prices

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