Benihana Salads & Vegetables (Entrées) Prices
Benihana Menu Prices

The Benihana Salads & Vegetables menu prices is the place to look if you prefer having a salad as your main course. These are hearty dinner salads which contain a protein as part of the salad. These Benihana salad menu prices would serve in place of something off one of the other Benihana Entrée menus. Remember, items from the other Benihana entrée menus include a miso soup and small dinner salad as part of the menu price. One big drawback from ordering off of this salad and vegetable menu is that you will miss the show of your meal being prepared in from of you. So, if you do order from this menu make sure that someone sees at your table has ordered from another of the Benihana entrée menus, like the Benihana Seafood menu.

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Benihana Salads & Vegetables (Entrées) Prices

  • Item
  • Emperor's Salad
  • Emperor's Salad (w/ Chicken)
  • Emperor's Salad (w/ Colossal Shrimp)
  • Emperor's Salad (w/ Steak)
  • Garden Delight