Benihana Lounge Specials Prices
Benihana Menu Prices

The Benihana Lounge Specials are priced to be served in the bar area or cocktail lounge instead of being seated in the dining room. You can get a sushi roll or a specially priced main course dinner if you order from this lounge special menu at Benihana. Hours of service may be effective from this menu, and you will miss the show of seeing your dinner cooked right in front of you if you choose to order at Benihana from this lounge special menu pricing. So, if you're venturing out for happy hour at Benihana, you might also want to check out these lounge special prices at Benihana for when the munchies hit.

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Benihana Lounge Specials Prices

  • Item
  • 1964 Roll
  • Chili Shrimp Roll
  • Gotham Roll
  • Lobster Roll
  • Volcano Shrimp