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Burger King Chicken & Fish Prices
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Burger King Chicken & Fish Menu Prices

The Burger King Chicken Menu prices as well as the Burger King Fish Menu prices can be found below (remember that prices and choices vary by location). The Burger King menu isn't limited to just hamburgers and cheeseburgers, check out the BK list of chicken & fish menu items as well as the BK chicken prices and BK fish prices right here! Did you know that Burger King Combo Meals include a Small Drink & Small Fries? They do! And if small isn't enough for your BK menu appetite then you can upgrade to a Medium Combo Meal for $0.69 or a Large Combo Meal for $1.00. So, give the Burger King Chicken and Fish menu prices a look and if you don't see anything you like, then you can always check out their secret menu.

Burger King Menu Price Categories

You will be pleased to find up-to-date menu prices for Burger King below. Please contact us or leave a comment below if you think that we need to update our menu prices; however, please note that prices may vary from state to state as well as from franchise to franchise. You can find the full list of menu prices on the Burger King Menu Price page. Or you can go straight to the individual category by clicking one of these links below:
Burger King Chicken & Fish Menu Prices
Last Updated:
ItemPriceMeal Price
ItemPriceMeal Price
TENDERCRISP Chicken Sandwich$4.49 $6.59
Carolina BBQ TENDERCRISP Sandwich$4.49 $6.59
TENDERGRILL Chicken Sandwich$4.49 $6.59
Classic CHICK'N CRISP Sandwich$4.49 $6.59
Spicy CHICK'N CRISP Sandwich$4.49 $6.59
Original Chicken Sandwich$3.99 $6.09
Chicken Parmesan Sandwich$4.69 $6.49
Premium Alaskan Fish Sandwich$3.39 $5.79
Rib Sandwich$1.00 $2.49
Memphis BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich$3.49 $4.99
Chicken Stips (3 pcs)$3.29 $5.59
Chicken Strips (5 pcs)$4.79 $7.19
Buffalo Chicken Strips (3 pcs)$3.29 $5.59
Buffalo Chicken Strips (5 pcs)$4.79 $7.19
Chicken Nuggets (4 pcs)$1.09 $2.59
Chicken Nuggets (10 pcs)$2.99 $4.49
Chicken Nuggets (20 pcs)$4.99 $6.59
*Not all items shown are available at every restaurant. Price and participation will vary.