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Carl's Jr. Chicken Stuffed Star

Chicken Stuffed Star | Carl's Jr. Secret Menu

Carl's Jr. Chicken Stuffed Star

Carl's Jr. Chicken Stuffed Star

Do you like giant burger creations? How about the McGangBang from the McDonald's Secret Menu? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then the Chicken Stuffed Star from the Carl's Jr. Secret Menu is right up your alley.

The Chicken Stuffed Star is the even more ultimate version of the McGangBang. The burgers are bigger, but so is the price tag. It will fill you up, just like the McGangBang, but it might empty your wallet with the $6+ price tag.

This Carl's Jr. Secret Menu hack isn't healthy like most the others, but it should grab your attention better. We like the extremes here on #HackTheMenu, and this burger definitely is extreme.

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How to Order

The easiest way is to order both and put the Spicy Chicken Sandwich between the burger patties. However, if you ask nicely and explain it, they might be obliged to assemble it for you.

What’s The Secret?

A Spicy Chicken sandwiched between the burger patties of a Super Star - compare to the McDonalds McGangBang

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