A Carl's Jr. Secret Menu Hack

The Carl's Jr. Secret Menu is fairly new, and the secret menu options will continue to grow. But the Low Carb It.® option at Carl's Jr. is one of the coolest option around. Similar to In-N-Out's Protein Style Burger, the Low Carb It.® hack makes any burger healthier and lighter. That's not to say that it tastes worse, in fact, a bunch of us actually prefer our burgers and sandwiches that way based solely on taste!

How many calories and carbs does the Trim It.® option save you? Up to 300 calories and 48g of carbs can be trimmed off your meal by simply swapping out those lame buns for some crisp lettuce! That's a lot of calories that you just saved yourself, and they were mainly just empty carbs. If you like to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but have to grab a quick bite from a fast food joint every now and then, you should check out our list of healthy secret menu items.

What Is The Low Carb It.® Secret?

Turn any regular burger into a lettuce wrapped burger.

How Do I Order The Low Carb It.®?

Simply order your burger and ask to "Low Carb It." Or if you can't remember its name, just ask for it to be lettuce wrapped.

Where Can I Order The Low Carb It.®?

The Low Carb It.® is available in: Most Locations

*Not all items shown are available or authorized at every restaurant. Price and participation may vary.

We are constantly adding new secret menu items to our list to keep up with your appetite. But did you know that we also provide updated menu prices for your favorite restaurants as well? And if that's not enough to satisfy you, you should check out our list of happy hours. Contact us if there's a restaurant or secret menu hack you'd like us to add!

The Complete List Of Carl's Jr. Secret Menu Hacks