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Carl's Jr. Swap Your Combo®

Swap Your Combo® | Carl's Jr. Secret Menu

Carl's Jr. Swap Your Combo®
Source: Carl's Jr.

Carl's Jr. Swap Your Combo®

Did you know that you can swap your combo at Carl's Jr. for a healthier alternative? That's right, now at any Carl's Jr. you can swap out your fries and soda for something much healthier. Get salad and bottled water instead of greasy fries and a sugar-filled beverage.

Whether you're on a diet or just prefer to eat a salad instead of fries, this might be an option to consider. Of course, you can always just order a side salad and get a water cup to fill up at the soda fountain. Overall it is cheaper than this combo, but maybe you prefer to upgrade to bottled water. Either way, it's still an interesting option and it's your hard-earned money. So, buy whatever you want. But you may be interested in something else on our list of healthy secret menu items.

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How to Order

Ask the cashier to "swap your combo" out for a salad and bottled water.

What’s The Secret?

Swap out your fries and soft drink for a healthier alternative: salad and bottled water.

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