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In-N-Out Flying Dutchman

Flying Dutchman | In-N-Out Secret Menu

In-N-Out Flying Dutchman

In-N-Out Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman at In-N-Out is the most interesting "meal" on the secret menu. The Flying Dutchman is two beef patties sandwiched around two slices of cheese. That's it, that is the Flying Dutchman. There's no lettuce, no wrapper and definitely no bun. Of course you can always ask for those extra toppings, if so desired.

Our favorite additions to the the Flying Dutchman are adding a whole grilled onion or making it Animal Style. No matter how you like your burger, the Flying Dutchman hack is something worth trying. And it's the only way to build yourself the infamous 100x100 burger.

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How to Order

Simply ask for a "Flying Dutchman". This is a well-known secret. However, if the cashier is new, then you can explain that it is two slices of cheese between two burger patties.

What’s The Secret?

Two Slices of Cheese melted between two Hamburger Patties. That's it.

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