A McDonald's Secret Menu Hack

Hawaii has more than just luscious beaches and tropical breezes. They've got secret menu items unique to Hawaii. One such secret menu hack is the Saimin from McDonalds. Saimin is a noodle soup that was developed by many different immigrant groups in Hawaii. Saimin is most similar to Japanese ramen and it was created during the early 20th century.

Saimin is a soup with egg noodles served up in a hot broth that has kamaboko (fish cake), char siu (barbecued pork), and nori (seaweed). In the late 1960s, this Hawaiian Saimin was added to the regular menu as the first local "ethnic" dish added to a McDonald's in its long history.

Later on, McDonald's added a few more local specialties to the Hawaiian menu. The first is a Portuguese sausage, eggs and steamed white rice breakfast platter. The second is breakfast platter consisting of Spam, eggs and white rice. While the third and final item is the deluxe breakfast platter which consists of Portuguese sausage, Spam, eggs, and two scoops of white rice. This, of course, leads to the addition of the Portuguese Sausage McMuffin w/ Egg as well as the Spam version to the McDonald's Secret Menu.

What Is The Saimin Secret?

Not on the standard menu, but Hawaiian McDonald's have been serving up this Hawaiian favorite for years and they still do!

How Do I Order The Saimin?

Ask for Saimin at a McDonald's in Hawaii, they should carry it even though they don't have it on the menu.

Where Can I Order The Saimin?

The Saimin is available in: Hawaii Only

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