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Starbucks Red Eye

Red Eye | Starbucks Secret Menu

Starbucks Red Eye

Starbucks Red Eye

The "Red Eye" from the Starbucks Secret Menu is a regular coffee (iced or hot) with ONE shot of Espresso added. This drink is a nice way to get a little more caffeine in your cup. However, there are plenty of other drinks that have much more caffeine than this Red Eye coffee. There is the two shot Black Eye and the super-caffeinated three shot Green Eye. So, hey, if your body is really in need of caffeine, grab a Red / Black / Green Eye as soon as you can get your hands on one.

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How to Order

Ask your barista for a "Red Eye", or a Coffee with an extra shot of Espresso if that's easier to ask for.

What’s The Secret?

A regular drip Coffee with 1 extra shot of Espresso

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